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Welcome to The Big R

Fans after 2016 Grey Cup victory/ photo by Chris Hofley

With Redblacks mini camp around the corner, it seems to be the best opportunity to launch this blog! On this blog, you will read the latest updates on the Redblacks, see some crazy designs of your top players and you’ll also get a chance to watch highlights from each game of this upcoming season.With many departures and arrivals this off-season, as fans it may be tough to cheer for the newer players. This season, there will be no trouble cheering for any player wearing red and black. During the first few weeks of the 2019 campaign, you will be reading two player profiles every Tuesday and Thursday, to learn what the players are like on and off the field.

Thank you for checking out the blog! For more Redblacks updates throughout the season, checkout the website. Excited to start this up. I hope you’re just as pumped about the new season as I am!